Saturday, December 15, 2012


I just had to do this post this morning as I still am so saddened by the tragedy in Connecticut.  As a former elementary teacher and now a mom, I just cannot imagine the absolute grief the families of the lost children and staff are going through.  As I put Jared to bed last night, all I could think about was the mothers and fathers who would never be able to put their children to bed again.   I had cried so much last night, when I went to bed, all I could do was pray for these families.  As I look at our Christmas tree with all of the gifts for Jared, I could only think of the parents, grandparents, etc. that have their presents ready under the tree for the little ones- now they will never have another Christmas.
   All I can think is to hold Jared tighter and to always tell the ones I love how much they mean to me!!  Continue to pray for all of these families and pray for this nation.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas at the Cabin...

Just a few pics from the shop now that it is finally ready for Christmas- better late than never I guess.  Hope you can stop by soon.  Sorry for the blurry one of the outside of the cabin, I think it's time for a new camera!