Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas...

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of you. We are looking forward to a very special Christmas this year with our new son.

The shop is now closed so we can enjoy time with friends and family. We look forward to the new year and I will be working on some new items for the shop. Please watch for the date of our annual Valentine event at the shop. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
**By the way- we are watching the weather closely- we may have a bit of a white Christmas!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Snow..

We had quite a surprise on Saturday- instead of a few snow flurries as predicted, we end up with about 2 inches of snow!! It was beautiful while falling and at least most was gone by Sunday (except around our place). It really set the mood for Christmas, especially since I was in the house trying to do some decorating!! The cold temps this week however will be difficult for our donkeys. Everyone will be snuggling in the barn this week!! Take care and stay warm.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas at Back Shed...

Just a quick note to remind everyone of our upcoming Christmas event at Back Shed. Please feel free to call or e-mail for additional information.

** We want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Hank and I are thankful for all of the wonderful blessings God has brought us but especially this year for our son- Jared. He is a true gift from God and we cannot imagine our life without him!! Have a wonderful holiday and we hope to see you soon at the cabin.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Upcoming show in Virginia

I just wanted to share some info. on an upcoming show in Fisherville VA. It is organized by Southern Star Antiques. We won't be there but I'm sure you will enjoy.

Contact Donna Smith at Southern Star Antiques for additional information.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ohio Amish Country

We took a trip to Ohio a couple of weeks ago to visit the Amish area. Our trip began on Friday at Curry's Antiques in Lancaster, OH. If you have never been there before- it's a great trip. Ginny and Bill have a beautiful place with wonderful cabins and a gorgeous shop!! After visiting a few more places that day, we retired to a great B & B in Alexandria called Willowbrook B&B. With a little one, it was a great place for peace and quiet. The owner was a gracious host and made sure she had something for Jared's breakfast! Then we were off to the Simple Goods show the next day. It was good to see friends- and even some of my customers!! After the show we headed further north just above Berlin to spend a couple of nights in Walnut Creek OH. What a nice place!! It was a beautiful area and we also hit a lot of antique shops. My favorite was Seville Antiques, which was about 45 minutes north of Walnut Creek. I must say that it was one of the best shops I have ever been to . If you are ever in that area- it is a must visit!!! It was a nice get away but alas the sewing machine beckons me back as I prepare for the upcoming Christmas season. Please be sure to visit the website for details about our Christmas event. Feel free to contact me for additional info. about places we visited while in Ohio.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat...

Whew... what a night! Once again we did the trunk of treats at our church last night. This year's theme was the WIZARD OF OZ (one of my all time favorites). After much preparation - and a lot of hot glue- we were ready. Although a bit scared, Jared seemed to enjoy his first trick or treating experience. Some of my family joined in the fun as well. Jared was a wonderful cowardly lion- dad was the scarecrow, I was Dorothy -along with my cousin Claire who was little Dorothy- and Lauren was a wonderful wicked witch. I think we had about 600 kids come though the parking lot! I don't know why, but I have always loved Halloween. I love the planning and preparation for decorating and what costume to wear. I am already planning for next year- so we are not as "behind" as we were this year.

**Please watch for details later on this week for our upcoming Christmas open house at Back Shed.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A day at the beach...

Well friends, it has certainly been a busy October. With the show, a trip to Knoxville and last weekend, a trip to the beach- I am ready for some "quiet time". This was Jared's first trip to the beach and he had a great time. What a joy it is watching him discover new things. The sand in his toes was pretty confusing for him. He and Hank spent most of their time at the inside pool- just a bit too nippy to be outside in the water. He loves the water and I think he will be a great swimmer.

**Just a note to let you know the shop will be open this weekend. We are trying to finalize plans on getting the shop ready for Christmas, but for now I would like to enjoy the fall mode of the cabin. We still have lots of great fall handmades and a few of the old-fashioned pumpkins left for sale. Hope you can stop by soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall update on website

Now that we have made it through our Fall Gathering, I will be posting some fall goods for sale on the website this Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 7 pm. Please be sure to check it out- the link to our website is to the right. Enjoy!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Many thanks...

I would just like to say thanks to all of the folks who made it out on Saturday for our Fall event. It was an absolutely beautiful fall day and we really appreciate your patronage!! Kathy, Kim and Janelle did a great job with their displays - they always have great stuff! The shop will be open again this Friday, Oct. 8 (11-5) and Sat., Oct. 9 (10-4). There are still plenty of great fall handmades. Kim and Kathy left a few items as well. Hope to see you soon.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's almost time.....

Whew- I can't believe that our Autumn Country Gathering is just a day away- panic time!!! The shop is done with just a few little things to do. Now to work on the yard, the gardens, soak pintos, etc. It has been difficult to get the grounds ready this time due to the torrential rains we have been having. I always think I am going to be ready for this event way ahead of time. It seems that however I always find just one more thing to finish or make. Ideas seem to come to me late at night when I can't sleep or early in the morning when everyone else is asleep. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and COOL this Saturday, so make plans to join us. Please visit our Picturetrail website for additional information. Back to the sewing machine- just ONE MORE THING!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall is in the Air...

Tonight as Hank and I (and Jared) were in the shop making some more "adjustments" it hit me that our fall event is just a week away!! It is my favorite time of year and hopefully with the promise of cooler weather - and rain- it will begin to really feel like fall. When I step into the shop, it definitely looks like fall. I have really worked hard this year to do some new things that are unique. I must say the shop looks great. It seems every year I try harder to improve and change the look - I hope you will enjoy. The other gals that will be joining us have also been working hard on their prim wares. Our fall event is always a fun day and I think folks just enjoy being out in our woods and feeling like they are stepping back in time just for a day. At least I hope that is the feeling we have created here on our little farm. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to know the things we have created bring joy into someone's home and life!! We hope you will be able to join us next Saturday for this special event. Please don't hestitate to e-mail or call with questions. Have a wonderful night!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A new project....

For those of you that know us, you know that we have always got a "project" going!! Well- here is a sneak peek of the latest one. We had a stack of leftover logs from our other cabins, so we are adding one more little cabin to our collection. We hope to have it completed by our Fall Gathering, so you will have to come out to see the final product. Each time we add one, I think - that's the last cabin, and here we go again. Although this one is tiny, it will be a cutie. Keep checking back for the progress.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Longest Project...

Did you ever have a project that literally took years to finish - or I am the only one??? I have had 2 sewing projects that have been on my sewing table now for probably 3 years. They weren't all that special, just a couple of things I started that I just couldn't seem to finish. But alas- they are finally done. I made myself take them out of the corner and just finish them!!! Below is a pic of one of the projects. Sort of a prairie crow-she will grace the door of the cabin for our fall gathering. What is it about certain projects we start that we just can't seem to finish? I would sit at my sewing machine and look at them for years but for some reason, they were not calling me to complete!! Anyway, back to the sewing machine tonight after several days of a sick child - and then me (strep throat-yuk). I have many projects for the gathering that I do intend to finish!! More later.....

Monday, August 30, 2010


I will be opening up the shop this weekend- on Friday (10-5) and Saturday (10-4)- for a major "clean out the cabin" sale. Right now things are a mess down there as we begin to prepare for our upcoming fall event- so I have decided to have a big sale in the shop. I will also be bringing out more things from the house that I just can't use any more. There will also be a few vintage/cottage style antiques for those of you who don't use prims. We hope you can stop by the shop this weekend.

We will be closing the shop after this w'end to prepare for our fall event. I have already just about taken over one bedroom with my new handmades so I need to start putting them in the shop!!! I can't believe how much I have been able to make with a little one in the house!!! Maybe it's because I am now running on overdrive to keep up with him- HA HA! Anyway, I think folks will be happy with our upcoming event!! Kim, Kathy and Janelle will also be set up with their wonderful handmades for our Autumn Country Gathering- I can't wait!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Still need a few vendors....

I hope everyone is doing well this evening. I am so excited about our upcoming annual fall event here at Back Shed. I have been very busy at the sewing machine creating many fall goods for the upcoming show. We are still looking for a few more prim vendors to join us at our Autumn Country Gathering. We welcome good country antiques and/or prim handmades/folk art. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining us on October 2. Thanks and back to work!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Our annual autumn gathering will be Sat., Oct 2 from 9-4. It is hard to believe that I am sewing for fall when it is 100 degrees outside. Anyway, we are changing things up just a bit. This year we are inviting folks who have good quality country antiques and/or handmade primitives and folk art. Please e-mail or call me for additional information about setting up at this event!! As we always do, we will be serving pintos and cornbread at the little cabin. Hank hopes to have the molasses mill running again - provided we can locate cane!! It is always a wonderful time here at Back Shed. Please note - that we are only doing a one day event this year. We hope you can join us and we look forward to hearing from some new vendors to make this a nice country show.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Beautiful Day...

A couple of weeks ago, we did a day trip to Pilot Mountain. What a beautiful place to visit if you've never been. Anyway, it was one of the days where we had a break from the heat and boy did it feel great to be up top where it was nice and cool. I feel so blessed to have two wonderful men in my life where I can share the simple pleasures of life!! Hank and I have visited so many places and now it is so much fun to share them with Jared. I just love to watch him explore new places and see new things. What a wonderful way to learn about the beauty in the world. I had to share this pic with you because I think it truly captures the beauty of both a spectacular view at Pilot Mountain and the love between a father and son. Enjoy!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Good evening everyone! I have been doing a major cleaning out of my sewing room- and it is amazing what I have found! I will be putting some things in the shop/and the website for you crafters out there but I wanted to go ahead and let you know that I do have a wooden rug hooking frame for $10 and an SLK primitives rug hooking kit called "sunrise" for $35 ( it has never been opened). If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at backshed@att.net. I will send a pic of the frame and try to send a pic of the kit- there is not one on the package but it is 2 roosters facing the sun in the middle. Let me know if you are interested. I will be glad to ship if you are not local and just add on the shipping. Thanks and back to cleaning!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Sorry- no pic for this post but I just had to share!! Finally some nice evenings where Jared can actually come outside and not be soaking wet!! The other evening, I found some packs of sunflower seeds in the freezer. Hank had taken down the old rotting fencing that surrounded my little herb/veggie garden and put up a wonderful picket fence instead- what a difference. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and plant the seeds around the fence- maybe they will come up for the fall. Jared anxiously held the packs of seeds as we traveled on the golf cart to the garden. I decided to let him help and see what happened!! To my surprise - he was so excited to plant the seeds. After showing him just a couple of times what to do- he carefully dropped the seeds in the trench as I scooted down the row pointing to the soil. Every day is a new adventure with him and he is teaching me so much about the simple pleasures in life- which I thought I already had a pretty good grasp on. We will wait to see if the sunflowers will grow and what a thrill it will be for him to see what he planted. I will share pics soon of the improved garden- have a wonderful evening!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


We hope you can join us this Saturday, June 26 from 9-4(please note change in times) at Back Shed Primitives for our second annual PRIMITIVE PATRIOTIC CELEBRATION!! We have working on some new handmade prims for your home and garden!! All of our gardens, buildings and cabins will be open for you to enjoy. The donkeys will be close by to greet you. Cool refreshments will be served!! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Please feel free to e-mail or call for questions or directions!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Just a quick note to let you know that I will be doing a "goods for sale" update on the website, tomorrow- Friday, June 18 at 8 pm. I hope you get a chance to check it out. Also, don't forget about our upcoming PRIMITIVE PATRIOTIC CELEBRATION at our shop on Sat. June 26 from 10-4. We hope you can stop by to see what's new here at Back Shed. Have a wonderful evening.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun in the Sun....

Okay, I hate to admit it, but I have now become the mom that shows everyone pics of my child!! He is just so cute, I can't help myself. Today, Jared had his first "swimming" day. We got out his new pool and splashed away the heat!! I am having so much fun watching him discover new things. He is very curious and loves to point at everything. He loves the water and had a great time in his pool. Can't wait for him to take swimming lessons next year.

Also, please keep a check as I am definitely planning on doing an update on the website soon. Have added some things to the shop that I would like to put up for sale. Take care and remember the shop will be open again tomorrow, Sat. June 5 from 10-4. The air will be on so you can stay cool while you shop!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hello friends on this rainy Monday afternoon. Thank goodness we made it back inside just in time. Jared has been practicing his walking on our long driveway!
Anyway, after a nice period of getting settled in with our new little one, it's time to open up Back Shed again! Now, it will be nice to have a helper with me when I am open. After a good cleaning and fluffing up, we will open the shop this Thursday and Friday from 12-5 both days and on Saturday from 11-4. I appreciate every one's patience as we spent time with our new son. Family is the most important thing! I hope you get to stop by this weekend. We will have a few patriotic items out in honor of Memorial Day. Please watch the website for details of our upcoming Primitive Patriotic Celebration on Sat., June 26.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meet the new man in my life.....

Here are just a few pics of our son Jared. He is truly been a gift from God and I can't imagine our lives without him!! Although it has been a long and difficult journey, God has blessed us with more than we ever dreamed. I will post some details from our trip later. It was a very difficult one and not a place I care to go back to so for now, I am still a little too emotional to share. We focus now on our life together here in America! Enjoy and God Bless! Debbie

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Dear Friends,
Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, however, we have been a little busy. We just got back from our adoption trip to CHINA. It was the most difficult thing Hank and I have ever done but what a treasure we have brought back. Words cannot express however how thankful we are to live in the country that we do and have the freedoms and opportunities that we do!! We are thankful to the Lord for keeping us all safe in our travels and returning us home where we can begin our life with our wonderful new son- Jared. I will be posting pics and other details of the trip soon. I am still working on laundry and jetlag!! Keep watching for updates. Debbie

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I would like to say "thanks" to all those who made it out for our Spring Open House this past weekend. I can't say enough to those folks who always support our hard work. We really appreciate your patronage. Although the weather turned cold on us, the shop got folks in the spring mood. We will be open again this week on Th., Fri and Sat. - the temps are supposed to be in the 70's!! Here are some pics from Friday. I was able to finish up some projects last night and the shop is re-fluffed and ready to go. Hope to see you soon. Watch for an update on the website later in the week!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Baby Shower...

WOW- what an afternoon we had here at the house!! My cousins, Pam and Vickie, and my dear friend Kathy hosted a baby shower for me yesterday- the first day of spring. It was a glorious day and the food was delicious. My favorite were the farm animal cookies made by a local young lady- Kristie Mitchell. They were as delicious as they were adorable. She is just starting her homemade cookie business, so contact me for her information if you need something special! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. We got a lot of gifts and we are so appreciative of people's generosity. Getting ready for our new son is a lot of work but worth it. I have finished most of the room and worked late into the night on Friday to finish up some pillows for his crib. We are just so ready to head across the ocean and bring him home. We will keep you posted. Now back to the sewing machine to work on goods for this weekend's Spring Open House!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A primitive boy's room...HELP!!!!

Well, my primitive decorating skills have really been put to the test the last couple of weeks! So, I am calling on all prim folks who have ever decorated a nursery/boy's room. What a task!! Since originally we thought we were getting a girl, I thought - no problem. I already had a lot of things stored away. However, God had other plans for us, so time to regroup. I have been working nonstop trying to get this little fella's room ready and some things are falling into place but any suggestions/advice/pics or good websites with prim boy's items would be greatly appreciated. Here are a couple of pics of the room but I still need a little more to warm it up. Thanks for any advice - have a great evening!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well folks, I know that those of you on my e-mail mailing list have been wondering what the upcoming Big News is????? Tonight, I finally reveal! Our adoption is finally coming through!!!! After 3 long years of paperwork, anxiety, frustration, tears and more we are getting a precious little boy. He is absolutely adorable and we cannot wait to get him home. We hope to travel to China in few weeks so you can imagine how topsy turvy things are right now in the Gill household!! Although we have alot to do to prepare we still have alot of chores here on our little farm to keep up. It is going to be a challenge but well worth it. I am planning on still having our Spring Open House on March 26 and 27 (see details on website) but after that until we go, the shop will only be open by chance/appointment. Once we arrive home with our little one, the shop will be closed for a while to give us a chance to get settled in - we hope everyone understands!! Hank and I have been married almost 19 years so we know we are in store for a major change in our lives but we feel so blessed that this little fella is about to enter our lives. It will definitely be a new beginning for all of us. Thanks to those who have asked about this process and prayed with us for these last few years. We can't wait for everyone to meet him and will keep you posted on his arrival. Have a wonderful evening and enjoy these beautiful days!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know we all keep saying it, but I really mean it - think spring! It seems that this winter is just going to go on forever. I have never minded the cold weather but this is getting ridiculous. The sun is shining but the wind just won't quit. I thought that today I might get out a bit after church but it wasn't meant to be. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of inside projects to keep me busy but I long to be outside in the sun and getting my hands in the dirt. My donkeys don't even want to come out of the barn because of the cold winds. I thought though if I change my pic at the top of the blog and website maybe that could trick our minds into feeling warmer?? My little crocuses that are blooming so proudly give me hope for warm days. I say this as I have a huge fire in the fireplace because I just can't seem to get rid of the winter chills. We will all continue to wait and watch for warmer days (and nights). Oh and guess what is in our forecast for the week- more snow. Anyway, I will go back to the fireside and dream of spring.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello Friends -
I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be doing an update with GOODS FOR SALE on the website tonight (Sat., Feb. 20) at 8 pm. Will hopefully be adding more items throughout the week. Have a great Saturday! And yeah- the sun is finally shining - and the temp is going to be in the 50's!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Too much to do....

Sorry it's been a while since I have done a post. With the loss of Patch and spending most of my time at the barn, it seems there is just too much to do. I was so excited about how nice the shop looked for last weekend and then the snow came - AGAIN!!! As I was working outside today in the bitter cold, I slid on snow/ice while picking up limbs. Frankly, I have too much to do for this weather to keep getting in the way. Hank worked on lights in the barn and he too was frozen! We have just gotten back from our night check of the donkeys and it just seems that this cold won't end. I have daffodils still to plant- I know it's probably too late now. We have new fencing to put up, trees to cut and the list goes on and on. Well, hopefully it will begin to warm soon. I will be opening the shop again this weekend and I have been doing alot of purging in the house. Things that I have loved for years are now going to the shop and will hopefully find a new home. I will also be doing an update on the website later in the week- hopefully Thursday - so be sure to check it out. Now back to cleaning the closets - too much to do!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


We have some very sad news here at our farm. We have lost one of our mini donkeys- Patch. Hank and I are devastated by this heartbreaking loss. Although he had only been with us since Thanksgiving, it seemed like forever. He had so much personality and always wanted to be near people. He hee-hawed when we came to the barn and hee-hawed when we left. He was such a gentle fella and had so much personality. I'm not sure how many of you that have been here got to meet him but he was a joy! Our hearts are very heavy during this difficult and unexpected loss but we know that the Lord will get us through this. The photo is of Patch (on the right) and his sister Bella. We will miss you dearly Patch!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Friends- I wanted to let everyone know that due to the prediction for more inclement weather, we are changing the dates of our upcoming Valentine event at BACK SHED. The dates will now be Friday, Feb. 12 (11-6) and Sat., Feb. 13 (10-4). Since they are calling for a wintry mix all weekend, I felt better to be safe than sorry. Oh well, it will give me time to get a few more handmades done. Have a great day!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Snowy Night....

Well- the snow has arrived! It started snowing here about 5:30 -just a few flurries and by 6:00 it was coming down. Although the flakes are like tiny little crystals, we probably already have close to an inch (in less than an hour). The poor donkeys had snow on their backs just walking to the barn! Everybody is safe and sound though and munching away on their hay. At least the snow will keep me inside tomorrow so I can finish up my goodies for next weekend's event at the shop. I hope you can stop by for our Valentine event next Fri and Sat. More details are on the website. Stay safe and warm on this snowy night!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Amish Country

Hank and I love traveling to the Bird-in-Hand area in Pennsylvania. We were there for a few days last week. It is one of our favorite places to visit. No, we don't go in for the "touristy" stuff, we just enjoy getting off the main roads and looking at the beautiful Amish farms. Their gardens put ours to shame!

We love to antique in and around this area. I am usually able to find early homespun and samplers - which are impossible to find in our area. We always stay at the Amish View Inn where the rooms overlook nothing but the farmland - and a small Amish school. It's nice to enjoy breakfast while watching the Amish children clamor into their one room schoolhouse. If you have never visited this area you should plan on a trip soon.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dreaming of Daffodils...

It seems that over the past few days, I am dreaming of daffodils. As these January days have turned unusually warm, I am beginning to see the tiny tips of hidden daffodils stick out to catch a glimpse of the sun - who can blame them? On these warm days I am finally able to attend to much needed gardening chores. Beds are getting cleaned up, perennials are being cut back and best of all - daffodils are being planted. Yes, I realize it seems too late to plant these beautiful bulbs but I usually have luck even at this late date. The truth is, I watch the garden centers patiently until they are marked at least half price and then I scoop up all I can. I don't know how many daffodils I have in the gardens here but I'm sure it's well into the hundreds. They are simply a wonderful addition to any garden and they provide so much beauty, how can I resist? Sometimes it's hard to remember where I already have them planted so when I pick out a spot I dig carefully as not to injure any previous residents! Today, I was able to plant 2 bags of a variety called "pink charm". Hopefully, I will have pictures in a couple of months or so to share. Until then, I will enjoy last year's pics and keep dreaming of daffodils.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Favorite things...

Sometimes it's easy to forget the simplest things but they are usually our favorites! As I am continuing to work on the interior of our home - I've been at it for 10 years- I forget about some of my favorite things! Many times there are things tucked away in closets that will make the perfect prim accessory to a room. My old teddy bear is one of those things. For the longest time, he was carefully tucked away for safekeeping in a closet - WHY??? I can't help it but I still love my teddy. His name is TEDDY BEAR (how creative- ha ha). He now sits quietly in a small chair in one of the upstairs bedrooms. He does have a few friends sitting just across the way but Teddy is just so special, he need not be paired with another. My grandmother bought him in Florida when my mother was about 13 or 14. He became mine when I came along and we have been together ever since! Oh how I love Teddy. He has been stitched up many times. His nose was lost decades ago on a Saturday grocery trip inside the A & P. He has had lipstick applied (and then cleaned off). He now is displayed proudly for everyone to see.
Teddy is just one of my favorite things!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Cold Outside

I don't know about you, but if it's going to be this cold outside at least it could snow!!! I watched out the window several times last night for at least one flake, but alas not a flake to be found! Anyway, the cold weather is forcing me to do inside chores that have been put off. Closets are getting cleaned out and so are lots of empty boxes. I found a couple of men's jackets that we will donate to the homeless shelter. Hank was able to clean out the fireplace which forced me to use the upholstery vac on the couch, etc. It does feel great to clean out - especially when it's so cold outside. Anyway, we did take a quick road trip yesterday and I found a few goodies for the shop! I will crank up the heat in the cabin in the morning to get it nice and toasty for customers. Hope you get a chance to stop by soon. Stay warm - Debbie

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pieces of the Past...

For those of you that don't know me, simple things in life are what make me happy. Clothes, jewelry, new gadgets, etc. really mean nothing to me. My family says that I was born in the wrong time. I feel it is my destiny to save as many old buildings/cabins as possible. One of my greatest concerns is preserving the past. We have moved many of the buildings from the farm I grew up here to our small farm. Many of these were built by my grandfather. Lately, we have been salvaging wood from the old barn to use here on other buildings. The man who bought our original farm has torn off most of the old section and re-working it with new wood. Of course, Hank and I had to salvage as much as possible since it was going to be burned! The original part of the barn is log (which was already there when his father purchased this farm). My Popaw had added on another large section along with a tremendous silo. Although the silo is now gone - the wood from it lives on as the floor of the meat house. Many of the old stall doors now grace our barn.
Today as we were working on the pile of old wood, Hank made a wonderful discovery. At the base of the old silo, he discovered a piece of concrete where my Popaw had etched his initials - PWH and the date 1927 OCT 14. As tears were streaming down my face when I saw the mark of my Popaw in the concrete, my wonderful husband gently pried off the pieces of concrete he could salvage that was put there so long ago. Please take time to remember the pieces of your past.

Monday, January 4, 2010

a new week

Well, it is a new week in a new year. Oh, I have such a long list to get accomplished this week! I guess though I won't be working in the flower gardens since everything is frozen solid! This is usually the time that I plant my spring bulbs - not this week. I am finally putting up the little bit of Christmas from the house! The shop looked so much better this weekend after cleaning out, rearranging and just keeping it simple!! Folks that stopped by this weekend commented how they could see everything now! The sewing machine is calling my name but except for a few heart ornaments I am working on, nothing is coming to me at the present!! It will though - my creative juices have gone dormant for a little while. Anyway, please continue to be patient as I learn this new program. Enjoy the day! Off to let the donkeys out of the barn!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Well, I finally am attempting to start my blog. I figured since everyone else is dong one, I better get started. Not that my life here at our small farm is very exciting, but I will share the daily goings on around here and updates about the shop. Please bear with me as once again I am having to learn something new. I'm probably the only person who still doesn't own a cell phone, nor do we have cable/satellite. I am still using an original answering machine from the 80's. My motto is "why change if something is working??" I just try to keep life simple!! Anyway, I will do my best to keep the blog updated during these cold winter days. Thanks for looking- Debbie