Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In the garden...

Okay, yesterday as I was working at the barn in our vegetable garden, I thought, I need my camera to take some new pics.  Well, I didn't get to it, but they are coming.  We are re-doing around the fence and I wanted to show off our blackberry bushes- they are gorgeous- if I may say.  Can't wait to have some fresh blackberries to make cobblers this year.  These are a thornless variety and are doing very well.  We visited a local farm on Sunday- RISING MEADOW FARM.  I was inspired to get home and get to work!!  These folks have a beautiful place and raise several different breeds of sheep- hint hint!!!  It's great to get out and see what other folks are doing.  I will try to add some pics from Sunday that we took.  We are getting some much needed rain today, so I am trying to catch up on inside projects!!  Jared has been busy making great gifts for some special ladies in his life for mother's day.  Watch for more on the progress on our little farm!

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