Saturday, February 6, 2010


We have some very sad news here at our farm. We have lost one of our mini donkeys- Patch. Hank and I are devastated by this heartbreaking loss. Although he had only been with us since Thanksgiving, it seemed like forever. He had so much personality and always wanted to be near people. He hee-hawed when we came to the barn and hee-hawed when we left. He was such a gentle fella and had so much personality. I'm not sure how many of you that have been here got to meet him but he was a joy! Our hearts are very heavy during this difficult and unexpected loss but we know that the Lord will get us through this. The photo is of Patch (on the right) and his sister Bella. We will miss you dearly Patch!


Barbara said...

Debbie, so sorry about your loss..don't think we got to see Patch, but am sure her 'mates' are sure to grieve also...Donkeys form very strong bonds with one another, so hoping for good health for the others...Blessings...Barbara @ Cabin In The Woods

Laura :) said...

I'm sorry to hear this.

Laura :)