Sunday, May 2, 2010


Dear Friends,
Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, however, we have been a little busy. We just got back from our adoption trip to CHINA. It was the most difficult thing Hank and I have ever done but what a treasure we have brought back. Words cannot express however how thankful we are to live in the country that we do and have the freedoms and opportunities that we do!! We are thankful to the Lord for keeping us all safe in our travels and returning us home where we can begin our life with our wonderful new son- Jared. I will be posting pics and other details of the trip soon. I am still working on laundry and jetlag!! Keep watching for updates. Debbie


Laura :) said...


Hope you got his room all figured out. I know he is going to be so happy in his forever home. What kid wouldn't love it where you are with all the room to run around and the animals and excited and happy for you!!


Barbara said...

Congratulations to you and Hank on the addition of your son...Many Blessings are sent for Jared. : )