Thursday, October 21, 2010

A day at the beach...

Well friends, it has certainly been a busy October. With the show, a trip to Knoxville and last weekend, a trip to the beach- I am ready for some "quiet time". This was Jared's first trip to the beach and he had a great time. What a joy it is watching him discover new things. The sand in his toes was pretty confusing for him. He and Hank spent most of their time at the inside pool- just a bit too nippy to be outside in the water. He loves the water and I think he will be a great swimmer.

**Just a note to let you know the shop will be open this weekend. We are trying to finalize plans on getting the shop ready for Christmas, but for now I would like to enjoy the fall mode of the cabin. We still have lots of great fall handmades and a few of the old-fashioned pumpkins left for sale. Hope you can stop by soon.

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