Saturday, January 8, 2011


As I do every year after Christmas, I really try to do a major cleaning in the shop. I am currently in the process of cleaning, packing, and doing some rearranging! This year I finally got organized (which is surprising because I am a very organized person) and bought storage containers for the loft of the shop. I had a couple but things were everywhere!! Now seasonal prims are neatly and safely packed away in their boxes!! Since a couple of big furniture pieces are now gone, I am trying to rearrange (without a lot of display space). The problem is it is soooo cold in the shop without any heat on I can only work in small snippets of time (and I usually work in there while Jared is napping). But on a very cold and blustery day like today, I will begin my task of sewing some new prims for our upcoming Valentine event.

**To make room for new goodies, I will be updating the website later on this week with some sale items. I hope you can find something you like. Take care and stay warm. We are bracing for more snow here on Monday!!

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