Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back in the garden...

Finally, after weeks of unbearable heat, we seem to be getting a break. I am finally able to get out into the gardens and see what's going on. My zinnias have suffered from the terrible heat and lack of rain but I hope they will perk up now that it has cooled and had some much needed rain this weekend. I am trying to get the weeds out now- they grow no matter what. The figs are also coming in and are quite delicious. We are selling them as fast as we can pick them. The tomatoes and cantaloupes are pretty much done and the okra is still giving a good fight!! I should have just a few more weeks of the okra to pick, freeze and enjoy this winter. Enjoy these cooler days and try to see what's happening in your garden.

Please be sure to check out the website as I continue to put items for sale on- just added a couple of cupboards!!

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Elizabeth said...

It's another glorious morning in the south! Thanks for your blog, your posts and your shop!